The World of Twilight Valley

Continent of Aenor Map

Twilight Valley exists on the mainland of an oceanic continent in a corner of contemporary-era Toril in the Forgotten Realms universe.

Being so far inland, nestled near the head of the Twilight River (its earliest tributaries draining from the great interior mountain plains East of the Elf-Lands), Twilight and Glimmerfall Valleys are somewhat socially isolated from the rest of Aenor (as the Men of the Western lowlands call the drowned coast of the continent and its satellite archipelago).

Relative to the rest of Toril, Aenor is located somewhere in the Southern Ocean. Its existence is all but unknown to the denizens of Toril proper — veiled by a prehistoric barrier of a curious nature. Seafarers are met with oppressive currents and deadly weather if they venture too far from the coast of Aenor (or too close, from the other side). While skeptics insist the barrier is of natural origin — simply a rough sea frothed up from strong intercontinental ocean currents — many a superstitious sailor claims to have felt the ever-looming eldritch malice in the far reaches of the sea, and those marooned for too long on lonely islands too close to the fringe, when they've rarely been recovered at all, have to a one utterly lost their sanity.

Being an archipelago comprised of one massive island (the mainland or "Ico"), a handful of large satellite islands (the "Pentaculum"), and hundreds of smaller ancillary isles (the "Millum"), sea travel dominates the culture and economy of Aenor overall; even despite their separation from Toril proper.

While few born in Twilight Valley venture West to the seas (most opting instead to enlist in the Orc War or seek treasure and adventure beyond the Eastern Elf-Lands), maritime trade is nonetheless the cornerstone of the valley's economy in the present age.

In the first age, riches poured from the Glimmer Mine — its precious gems and metals fueling trade and building the cities of Glimmerdale and Veritas City — but with the Fall of Glimmerdale and the transformation of the Glimmer Mine into the Hellish Maw, the present-day center of regional Trade and Industry is Eventide City.

Shipwrights from the West settled Duskport and Eventide and felled the vast forests that once blanketed the entire valley; producing lumber to build great warships and merchant vessels constructed at the docks of these cities and launched down river upon completion.

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Alabaster Falls

Elevation: 432 Fathoms

One of the tallest in the known world, this waterfall consists of a horseshoe curtain dropping over three-hundred fathoms to a steep-walled ravine below.


Elevation: 478 Fathoms

Population: 200
80% Elf, 15% Human, 5% Halfling/Gnome

Exports: Art, Jewelry, Clothing, Literature, Spells & Enchantments

Imports: Precious Metals

This remote Elven town does not receive many visitors. Its only road leads to a desolate tower deep in the woods at the roots of Mount Glimmer.

Bonescar Embattlement

Elevation: 480 Fathoms

Population: 1,200
70% Orc, 10% Ogre & Goblin, 20% Other (Slaves)

This Orc fortress was used as a base from which to launch raiding parties during the first age. Now, it stands as a garrison to hold back the rare Undead incursion from pushing North into the Orc lands.

Calder Vineyards

Elevation: 110 Fathoms

Population: 50
20% Human (Calder Family), 70% Human (Laborers), 10% Gnome

Exports: Fine Wine & Spirits

Imports: Labor, Security

Family-Owned Plantation. The Calder Family is eccentric and snobby.
They treat their workers very poorly.

The Craven Muck

Elevation: 300 Fathoms (Average)

An Ancient Elven Ruin, the Craven Muck is a caustic swamp with precisely zero of the beauty and appeal it once had. When the wind is right, the noxious fumes waft over and choke out Duskport or Funadilla.

On such occurrences, the land is enveloped in a pale green mist which causes a tickling catch in the throat. Eventide City's walls were built so high not only for defense, but to keep out the creeping fog on that rare occasion.

The Desolate Highlands

Elevation: 1,000+ Fathoms

What Lies to the South, only The Dead Know...


Elevation: 220 Fathoms

Population: 1,000 (All Undead)
90% Human, 10% Other

A village steeped in history, Dovetown was the first permanent settlement in Twilight Valley near the beginning of the First Age. In the waning years of that age, illness of consumption befell the town, spreading like wildfire and decimating their population. The sprawling Dove's Rest Cemetery East across the river is a stark eternal monument to the immense loss of life experienced during this period.

After the turn of the Second Age, blight crept across the mountains and poisoned the lands of Dovetown; seeping into the very earth. What survivors persisted were overrun when the Dead rose from their innumerable graves.


Elevation: 62 Fathoms

Population: 20,000
90% Human, 5% Halfling/Gnome, 5% Other

Exports: Ships (Merchant & Warships), Finished Leather Goods, Light Arms & Armor

Imports: Lumber, Hides & Leather, Food, Labor

Overpopulated by transients. Poor Living Conditions. High Wealth Disparity. Labor Union Corruption.

Eventide City

Elevation: 70 Fathoms

Population: 50,000
60% Human, 15% Halfling, 10% Elf, 15% Other

Exports: Numerous

Imports: Labor, Food & Drink, Raw Materials

Extremely wealthy city. Extremely costly to live in. The poor tend to be forcibly relocated to Duskport.


Elevation: 198 Fathoms

Population: 600
60% Human, 25% Dwarf, 15% Halfling/Gnome

Exports: Masonry, Precious Metals, Metal Finery

Imports: Rough Stone & Ore, Food & Drink

Sleepy community upriver on the eastern border of the valley. Commonly trade with Elves from the Northeast.


Elevation: 250 Fathoms

Population: 400
85% Dwarf, 10% Gnome, 5% Human

Exports: Stone & Ore, Heavy Arms & Armor, Gunpowder, Explosives, Alchemical Materials

Imports: Food & Drink, Tobacco

Dwarven Mining Town.


Elevation: 420 Fathoms
Depth: 7 Fathoms (Deepest), 3 Fathoms (Average)

Spring pond whose level is maintained by underground reservoir. Despite its name, it's quite clean and safe.


Elevation: 500 Fathoms

Population: 5,000 (All Undead)
45% Human, 30% Orc, 20% Dwarf, 5% Other

Once bustling crossroads city, first torn apart by Orc raids, then desolated by plague and undeath.


Elevation: 120 Fathoms

Population: 1,200
50% Human, 15% Gnome, 15% Goblin, 10% Halfling, 10% Other

Exports: Entertainment

Imports: Money & Suckers

Funadilla Map

This is a town of debauchery. People come here to gamble, drink, and... "sleep..."

Glimmer River

Elevation: 500—75 Fathoms
Grade: 7.5 Fathoms/League

The Glimmer River flows out of the southern tip of Lake Glimmerglass, past Elven Ambervale, drops three-hundred fathoms at Alabaster Falls, and winds its way through canyons before emptying into River Twilight at Whistler's Knob.


Elevation: 600 Fathoms

Population: 30,000
30% Human (Undead), 20% Human/Other (Thrall), 10% Dwarf (Undead), 10% Other (Undead), 30% Demon & Devil

The city lies just south of The Maw.

Glimmerdale Pass

Elevation: 220—500 Fathoms
Grade: 100 Fathoms/League (~20%/11°)

Population: 300
Varies, Mostly Human

The last bastion of defense between the Undead-and-Orc infested wastes of Glimmerfall Valley, the towers at Glimmerdale Pass are manned by a constant garrison of well-funded guards out of Veritas City.

Glimmerdeep Passage

Elevation: 500 Fathoms

This ancient tunnel dug by an unknown creature connects northern Glimmerfall Valley to the Eastern Shore of Lake Glimmerglass.

Grimbach's Camp

Elevation: 350 Fathoms

Population: 61
90% Orc, 10% Goblin, 1 Dwarf

Orc Chieftan Grimbach led his refugees out of the Orc lands of the North to eke out a peaceful existence via a tenuous alliance with the Dwarves of Stonebreak.

Nearby Rushforth is a constant thorn in this peaceful settlement's side.


Elevation: 275 Fathoms

Population: 3,500
85% Dwarf, 10% Gnome, 5% Other

Exports: Exceptional Heavy Arms & Armor, Precious Gems, Ale

Imports: Hops, Tobacco, Luxury Food & Drink

The Dwarves of Harrowhammer swear fealty to the Harrow Dynasty, an ancient Dwarven bloodline said to have stood amongst the gods.

Harrowdeep Tunnels

Elevation: 275 Fathoms (S), 600 Fathoms (N)

These mines used to connect the deepest halls of Harrowhammer to the fields to the North; but at the end of the first age the Harrow Dwarves blockaded this back entrance and keep a constant guard posted to repel any accursed threat from Glimmerdale.

James' Ferry

Elevation: 160 Fathoms

Population: 600
70% Human, 15% Halfling, 10% Gnome, 5% Other

James' Ferry Map

Providing the only crossing between Eventide City and Farbridge, James' Ferry enjoys financial prosperity thanks to their hefty ferry fees.

Many of its North-side denizens commute to Veritas City for work; while the South-side is somewhat poorer and quieter. Crime abounds in the south side, as many of its residents are those too destitute to afford a ferry crossing.

Loch Bonita

Elevation: 250 Fathoms
Depth: 90 Fathoms (Deepest), 60 Fathoms (Average)

Loch Bonita is a disused quarry which has backfilled with toxic groundwater and collected runoff. Its noxious waters are dangerously close to overtopping the hillcrests to the south, which would overflow and devastate the farmland below — possibly even leaking into Twilight River.

Lake Glimmerglass

Elevation: 500 Fathoms
Depth: 200 Fathoms (Deepest), 30 Fathoms (Average)

Glimmerglass is a large, deep moraine lake pooling from a glacier melting far to the north. From the edge of the glacier to the head of Glimmer River is nearly a hundred leagues, and at its widest point (outside of the map to the north) is over fifteen leagues.

The Maw

Elevation: 650 Fathoms
Depth: Unknown

Population: Unknown
Legions of Twisted Demons

Once the legendary Glimmer Mines, The Maw is now a gateway to the abyss.

In their desparation, the peoples of Glimmerdale dug too far and too deep in search of a way to defeat the invading Orcs — insodoing awakening Eldritch horrors and bringing an age of terror and devastation upon their lands. The unending labyrinthian caverns and subterranean chasms of The Maw present the ultimate challenge to those who wish to route malignance from the land.

Mount Glimmer

Elevation: 2,000 Fathoms (Summit)

The tallest mountain in the region, Glimmerview Peak can be spied from anywhere in Twilight Valley. It is so named for its summit — encrusted with precious gems which glimmer in the sunlight, beckoning treasure-seeking mountaineers from hundreds of leagues afar. Myriad have perished — not on their way up the mountain, but on their way down. This has led to the legend that the only way to survive the mountain's curse is to bring a shiny gemstone as tribute to further adorn its top. So far as is known, no one has succeeded in doing so.

Oyster River

Elevation: 150—120 Fathoms
Grade: 4.5 Fathoms/League

This stretch of river is renowned and so-named for the delectable oysters endemic to it.

These oysters used to be found downstream in River Twilight; but the Funadilla authority put a stop to the overfishing which otherwise would have eradicated this delicacy. Now that their population is highly controlled, they fetch an immense premium for their aphrodisiac qualities — a large part of Funadilla's economy.

River Twilight

Elevation: 200—60 Fathoms (Within Map)
Grade: 2.5 Fathoms/League

The River Twilight begins in the far mountains beyond the Elven Lands, and flows West-South West into the Kingdoms of Men, joining other tributary rivers and terminating in a grand delta emptying into the Great Western Sea.


Elevation: 180 Fathoms

Population: 400
100% Human

The denizens of Rushforth are secretive, xenophobic, and racist. Non-human merchants have been known to go far out of their way to avoid carrying their goods through the town, for fear of shakedowns by the bored and corrupt guard — of which nearly every townsperson seems to be a member.

The Sickly Pools

Elevation: 250 Fathoms
Depth: 30 Fathoms (Deepest), ⅓ Fathom (Average)

These greasy mucky pools contain sour standing water giving life to all manner of loathsome crawling beasts.

Starflower Co-op

Elevation: 170 Fathoms

Population: 120
50% Halfling, 45% Elf, 5% Gnome

Exports: Food & Drink

This community of growers was founded by Elves and Halflings and produces the richest, most succulent crops of Twilight Valley. The genius and magic of the Elves coupled with the dedication and know-how of the Halflings yields foodstuffs of the utmost quality.


Elevation: 400 Fathoms

Population: 750
70% Dwarf, 15% Gnome, 5% Human, 5% Orc, 5% Goblin

Exports: Cement, Gunpowder, Explosives, Fertilizer, Fuel

Imports: Food & Drink, Tobacco, Entertainment

The Merchants of Stonebreak often take a rough trail to the North and float down the Twilight so as to avoid the xenophobes of Rushforth.

Stone Landing

Elevation: 193 Fathoms

Population: 10
100% Dwarf

The Merchants of Stonebreak use this small port to float their exports down the Twilight River rather than risk being accosted while moving goods through xenophobic Rushforth to their West.

Tor'shuul's Fist

Elevation: 400 Fathoms

Population: 20,000
80% Orc, 10% Ogre/Goblin, 10% Other (Slaves)

The Orc Stronghold of Tor'shuul's Fist is an extension of the Might of Baath'rogol, Chieftan of the conquering Orcish raiders from the lands to the North.

Twilight Farmlands

Elevation: 150—110 Fathoms

Population: 2,000
50% Halfling, 40% Human, 10% Other

Exports: Food

A breadbasket of Eventide City and the valley as a whole, the Twilight Farmlands sprawl along a sizeable portion of the River, leveraging ancient glacial lake sedimentary deposits into wonderfully fertile soil for growing crops of many varieties.

Twilight Tower

Elevation: 1,200 Fathoms (Base)
Height: 100 Fathoms

Population: Unknown

Once a nexus of magical power centered on an intersection of ley lines running beneath the region, Twilight Tower became abandoned shortly before the calamity that befell what came to then be called Glimmerfall Plateau. Why it was forsaken remains a mystery.

Veritas City

Elevation: 200 Fathoms

Population: 25,000
30% Human, 30% Gnome, 20% Goblin, 20% Other

Exports: Lending/Currency

Imports: Commerce & Trades

As a trade nexus for the region, Veritas City grew immensely wealthy near the end of the first age, while Glimmerdale's mineral exports still flowed. At its peak, its population nearly contended with that of Eventide City.

Now, Veritas leverages its wealth by charging interest on loans in the region; employing an army of debt collectors and mercenaries. It maintains its status as an economic powerhouse in the region — but its growth has been subdued during the second age.

Whistler's Knob

Elevation: 90 Fathoms

Population: 900
90% Halfling, 5% Gnome, 5% Other

Exports: Food & Drink, Tobacco, Precious Gems, Furniture, Lumber

Imports: Few; Luxuries

A quiet Halfling village near the mouth of the Glimmer River, Whistler's Knob enjoys a peaceful existence as a breadbasket of Eventide City.